Free-for-life account

Your mutual fund investment account with Deergroup LLP is free-for-life. There are no account opening charges, transaction or maintenance fees. You also get to benefit from our award-winning financial advisory services at no cost.

Expert advisors

Every investor with Deergroup LLP gets a dedicated investment advisor. You can choose to benefit from the expertise of our certified investment advisors, or get instant mutual fund solutions on the go, in minutes, with Money Mitr - India’s most comprehensive and friendly robo-advisor.

Secure transactions

Deergroup LLP is officially registered with the industry regulator SEBI and with AMFI, UIDAI, BSE, CDSL, CIBIL and CIRL. All our data and web services are hosted with 24x7 physical and electronic security and our network communications are secured with 256-bit encryption.

Family friendly

With Deergroup LLP , you can invest for your family too. All you need to do is add members to your login ID. You can then invest and manage the investments of your entire family, open minor accounts for your kids, make joint investments, and much more.

How it works

Building wealth with Deergroup LLP is quick and easy. Get started with just three steps.

Build wealth, the smart way.

What our customers say

  • <span style=Varun Sharma " />
    “For a common man like me, investing was a dream, but also a phobia. It is only with your support that investing has become so easy. I thank you for giving customers like me the opportunity to participate in market related activities so easily and with so much convenience.”
    Varun Sharma
    Active Growth
  • <span style=Shankar Venkataraman" />
    “Deergroup LLP’s newsletters and blog posts are very informative as they are an eye opener for those who do not know much about investments. I have never seen such a high standard of advisory services from any other financial services platform. I’m certain the Deergroup flag will keep flying high!”
    Shankar Venkataraman

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really invest in mutual Deergroup LLP for free?
Yes, investing in mutual funds through Deergroup LLP is absolutely free. There are no account opening charges, transaction or maintenance fees. In the case of mutual funds, we earn through trail revenue that we receive from the mutual fund houses. These are paid out of the annual fund management fees of mutual funds.
What can an investor do with Deergroup LLP?
Using Deergroup LLP, an investor can invest in a variety of financial products like mutual funds, equities, corporate fixed deposits, and more. To do this, he can easily link with his bank, and make investments online in a secured manner. Moreover, an investor can take advantage of Deergroup LLP’s value-added services like free financial advisory services, India’s most comprehensive robo-advisory service – Money Mitr, flexible Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs), trigger-based investing, and several other beneficial investment features. Existing offline holdings can be easily transferred to Deergroup LLP as well, thereby making the tracking and maintaining of investments simple and effective.
How safe is my money with Deergroup LLP?
Mutual fund transactions are made entirely in the name of the investor, and no money is retained by Deergroup LLP on behalf of the investor. We only facilitate the money transfer for making investments. When an investor makes an investment, the money is sent directly to the respective Asset Management Company (AMC) towards the investment. In the rare cases where the money transfer does not succeed, the amount will be refunded to your account within two business days.
How secure is my data with Deergroup LLP?
At Deergroup LLP, we go out of our way to make sure that confidential information pertaining to your account and investments are never compromised online. Your Deergroup LLP account has been equipped with the best online safety and protection tools that ensure that all your investment transactions always take place in a reliable and secure manner. Our services are hosted in top-security, tier-4 data centers in multiple locations. All our investors’ data is backed up daily and stored in a continuously replicated model. Network communication with browsers are protected with a 256-bit encryption, using a Thawte issued security certificate.
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